Infographic: Smartphone health and safety risks

We’ve become obsessed with our mobile phones. Losing them causes panic; using them causes all kinds of other problems.

Smartphones can generate dumb behavior.

A new infographic from the WhoIsHostingThis blog illustrates the widespread use of smartphones and other mobile devices—as well as the health and safety risks involved.

For example, 39 percent of people use their phones while on the toilet. Rudeness aside, there’s a health risk: Because a whopping 75 percent bring their phones into the bathroom, one in six phones end up with E. coli on them.

Beyond that, eye strain and “text neck” are associated with excessive texting/typing on a mobile device.

Anxiety over misplacing one’s cell phone plagues nearly 75 percent of all users, with women more likely (at 84 percent) than men (63 percent) to flip out over a lost mobile device.

Distracted driving because of smartphones is well documented, though still widespread, especially among younger drivers. The stats are appalling, though not surprising. In addition, distracted walking is now an issue, with close calls increasing for pedestrians who text as they cross the street.

For a large image, click here.

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