Infographic: Social media eats up 5+ years of our lives

Online platforms are taking up huge chunks of our precious time here on Earth.

Before shuffling off to the sweet hereafter, the average person will have spent nearly five-and-a-half years on social media.

That’s according to an infographic created by Mediakix, which lays out more productive (or at least more entertaining) pursuits you might have undertaken instead.

With an extra five years and four months—unfettered by Facebook, YouTube or Snapchat—you could have clambered up Mount Everest 32 times or walked your dog on 93,000 additional occasions. You could have even crammed in “The Simpsons” an extra 215 times—not catching 215 episodes, but watching the entire series a couple of hundred more times.

Clearly, those online minutes add up. The average person now spends 35 minutes a day on Facebook. All those mindless swipes, “likes,” snaps, scrolls and pokes (does anyone still “poke” friends anymore?) take a toll, and this visual breakdown offers a sobering reminder about time ill spent.

Read through the infographic below if you need an exhortation to put that phone down and get outside—or at least fire up Season 1 of “The Simpsons.”

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How Much Time Is Spent On Social Media Infographic
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