Infographic: The art and science behind content marketing

Creative content without a data-based strategy won’t perform well, and neither will strategic content that’s unappealing. Here’s how to blend the two to create the perfect content marketing campaign.

Art versus science, right-brained versus left-brained, creativity versus logic-society likes to classify people and ideas as either artistic or analytical.

Content marketing, however, requires both art and science to succeed, an infographic from Kapost and Salesforce says. Creative content won’t perform well without a data-based strategy, and highly strategic content that isn’t appealing won’t get far, either.

To ensure your content marketing campaigns reach their potential, approach them from an artistic and analytical mindset.

Artists will ask:

  • How will the content make our audience feel?
  • Does the content tell a story?
  • Will the content stand out?
  • Is this idea innovative?

Analytical minds will ask:

  • What is our strategy?
  • Will the content produce sales?
  • Has this strategy worked in the past?
  • Will this content spark some leads?

When you put equal emphasis on the artistic and analytical sides of content marketing, success is practically guaranteed.

For more on how to ensure your content meets both sets of criteria, check out the infographic:

(View a larger image.)

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