Infographic: The body language of a good presenter

Does your body language look like that of a person who can’t wait to get offstage, or of someone who’s confident and eager to engage with the audience? These tips will help you look like the latter.

Edward R. Murrow once said, “A blur of blinks, taps, jiggles, pivots and shifts … the body language of a man wishing urgently to be elsewhere.”

Does this quote also describe what you look like while giving a presentation?

Hopefully not, but if it does, there are a few simple body language fixes you can make to show your audience that you’re engaged and excited to talk with them—not itching to flee the room. An infographic from Ethos3 describes a few of them:

Strike a power pose a few minutes before you present. Doing so will decrease your body’s cortisol (a stress hormone) level by 25 percent, and increase your testosterone level (which boosts your confidence) by 20 percent. An example of a power pose would be to stand with your feet apart and hands on your hips.

Make yourself happy. Before you present, hold a pencil horizontally between your teeth to force your mouth into a smile. Studies show this simple exercise makes you feel happier.

Blink less. The less you blink, the more confident you look. Since 1980, every presidential candidate who blinked more than his or her opponent during debates lost the election (with the exception of George W. Bush and Barack Obama).

Keep your head up. Looking down or tilting your head are signs of submission. Avoid it.

There are many more body language tips in the infographic below. Take a look:

(View a larger image.)

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