Infographic: The most effective ways to beat writer’s block

Even the best writers can run out of things to say every now and then. The next time it happens to you, try one of these antidotes.

For writers, few things are more satisfying than writing when inspiration strikes.

It’s exciting when an idea suddenly bubbles up from the depths of your brain and you grab a notebook, napkin, the back of an envelope—anything you can get your hands on—to write as quickly as possible so you can get your thoughts down before you forget them. Your hand aches from writing so maniacally, but you don’t notice. There’s so much to say.

This is such a wonderful feeling, because you know how terrible the days are when you can’t muster a darn thing to write.

Every writer has these dark days, but there are ways to overcome them. An infographic from Stop Procrastinating shares 25 writer-attempted methods and reveals how effective they are.

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Here are a few of the most successful writer’s block banishers:

1. Wake up early to write: Fifty-five percent of writers who wrote early in the morning said they beat writer’s block.

2. Get off the Internet: Forty-seven percent of writers who blocked distracting websites were more creative and could concentrate longer.

3. Do something else: Fifty-six percent of writers said taking a break and doing an activity other than writing helped the words flow later.

4. Lower your expectations: Don’t expect so much from your first draft. Thirty-three percent of writers said writing was more enjoyable when they took the pressure off themselves to write well.

5. Write like Mark Twain: Twenty-four percent of writers who followed the famous author’s advice of writing small chunks at a time were more productive.

Do these methods work for you? What’s your best advice for beating writer’s block?

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