Infographic: The personality traits of disengaged employees

If you have an employee who gossips, refuses to help others and doesn’t like to learn new things, he or she is likely disengaged—and will harm your company if you don’t act fast.

Few things are as devastating to an organization as a disengaged employee.

Disengaged employees not only don’t care about their work, but make it harder for others to do theirs.

An infographic from Officevibe lists 13 personality traits of disengaged employees so you can more easily spot them at your company. Here are a few of the characteristics to watch for:

1. Gossiping: Gossip damages morale and creates cliques. Even worse, it can destroy your organization’s culture.

2. Never asks questions: Disengaged employees don’t try to do their jobs better, so they aren’t willing to ask questions or learn new things.

3. Doesn’t help others: Disengaged employees are the ones who say, “It’s not my job.”

4. Irresponsible: Do you have an employee who misses deadlines, strolls into the office whenever he likes and never delivers on any of his promises? He’s likely disengaged.

5. Independent: It’s important to know how to work on your own, but an employee who refuses to work on a team will only hold the organization back.

Take a look at the infographic to see the other characteristics of disengaged employees. Hopefully you don’t have any at your organization!

(View a larger image.)

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