Infographic: The top 3 reasons customers become loyal to brands

If you are fiercely loyal to a brand, there’s a good chance your faithfulness stems from the brand’s quality, customer service and prices.

Are you fiercely loyal to any brands?

I am a devoted Herbal Essences shampoo customer. I love the way it makes my hair smell and feel, and the price is fair. It would take a very strong campaign from a competing shampoo company to snag my business.

An infographic from 3Sixty Interactive examines why customers like me become loyal to brands, and how social media helps build that loyalty. According to the infographic, the top three reasons customers become devoted to brands are quality, customer service and price.

But brands can quickly lose customers’ trust. The infographic reports that 50 percent of customers are unlikely to engage with a brand’s content ever again after a bad experience with the company.

Check out the infographic for more:

(View a larger image.) ​

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