Infographic: Tips for introverts to survive office holiday parties

A bit of mingling doesn’t have to be a spine-tingling event. Here’s how to make the best of workplace festivities—and even enjoy some merriment.

It’s officially office party season—which for many of us is a season of dread.

The sweaters, the small talk, the eggnog and the merriment can be taxing—even for the most loquacious employees. For introverts who’d much rather be watching Netflix, vaping or doing pretty much anything other than banter with Bob and Barbara, holiday parties can be major stressors.

Simply be has an infographic that offers 18 pointers to help introverts successfully navigate the office party season. The tips include:

  • Set a goal for the event. Instead of just showing up and hoping for the best, establish some key objectives to accomplish at the party. Whether you want to bury the hatchet with a team member, get some face time with the boss or chat up a new colleague, set a goal beforehand to avoid wandering aimlessly. Having a plan should help tamp down anxious feelings.
  • Charge your batteries. If crowds and conversation drain you, try to plan a relaxing day before the event. Arrive refreshed, recharged, energetic and ready to mingle.
  • Use the buddy system. Don’t go it alone. Recruit a colleague or friend who can help boost your confidence and facilitate smoother interactions.
  • Wear a conversation starter. “My, what a lovely bolo tie!” “Is that a real coonskin cap?” “Your shirt with a wolf howling into the night is simply ravishing!” “Did you craft those elf tights yourself, or did you get them online?” Dress to impress, people.
  • Don’t drink too much! Counter point: Don’t drink too little.
  • Have an escape plan. Try to orchestrate a smooth exit—preferably on a high note, such as after landing a humorous joke. If humor’s not in your wheelhouse, provide a valid excuse for why you must leave: “It’s been swell, but my alpacas aren’t going to feed themselves.”
  • Build on conversations. Keep the conversational momentum going when you get back to the office. Try to piggyback off meaningful conversations and parlay rapport into more genuine workplace connections.

Don’t let introversion hold you back this year. You could be missing out on some great outfits, fun times, embarrassing blunders and substantive chances to connect with colleagues. Slap on those elf tights and go enjoy some well-earned holiday festivities.

If you need a confidence boost, review the rest of simply be’s infographic to feel more prepared.


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    Nora says:

    Love this infographic but next time try the term “liquid courage” instead of “dutch courage” and avoid using ethnic slurs. Daily Headlines

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