Infographic: Tips for livestreaming success on social media

The live video trend shows no signs of slowing. Here’s how to reach audiences on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and beyond.

Are you ready for your closeup?

If you want to reach a larger audience on social media, try cozying up to the camera. The largest social media platforms are pushing and prioritizing live video in your feed—sometimes up to 200 percent more than other types of content.

If you’re not sure where to start, Filmora has an infographic that offers livestreaming basics.

As opposed to expensive, polished and produced videos, livestreams can showcase your brand with raw urgency and charming authenticity. It’s a great way to establish a more personal connection with your audience. As for what sorts of content tend to do the trick, the infographic suggests the following formats for livestreams:

  • Customer service
  • Updates or announcements
  • Demos or how-tos
  • Q&As
  • Live events
  • “Behind the scenes” showcases
  • Interviews

You’ll also want to pick a platform. Facebook, the mighty sovereign of social media, is a safe place to start. Nearly 80 percent of online audiences are already watching videos on Facebook Live. YouTube, which claims 44 percent of global livestream market share, is a safe bet as well. Instagram is not far behind.

Wherever you decide to promote your videos, livestreaming should be a part of your marketing plan for 2018. Have a look at the rest of the infographic below for a quick refresher.

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