Infographic: Tips to leave your work—and worries—at the door

Don’t just sit, stew and stare at your phone. Write down what’s bugging you, find an enjoyable distraction, and jot down a daily exit list.

Do looming projects keep you up at night?

Perhaps it’s the ever-present email pings or a slew of Slack notifications that sully your personal time. For some, it’s obnoxious colleagues or bosses who undermine your sleep, your relaxation and a healthy work-life balance.

Whatever (or whoever) occupies your mind outside office hours, it’s crucial to find ways to leave your workplace worries at the door whenever you clock out. CashNetUSA has an infographic to help you alleviate stress and strike a healthier balance, with tips including:

Write down what’s bothering you. Just jotting down what’s eating at you can help reduce stress and anxiety. If Gene from Accounting is slowly driving you insane, open up a Word doc, really let Gene have it with a flurry of choice words, and save it to your “Gene rants” folder. Profound science and practical reasons substantiate why writing is therapeutic. In this case, it might prevent you from menacing Gene with a stapler.

Distract or entertain yourself. If you just sit there and stew about workplace stressors, it could imperil your mental or even physical health. Instead, play a video game, flip on the TV, go for a jog, or step out into nature. Do not wallow in anguish and anxiety.

The infographic also offers guidance for establishing healthier routines and strategies that help combat long-term, work-related stress. Those tips include:

Write a daily exit list. Before clocking out, take a few moments to scribble down your priorities for the next day. For bonus peace of mind, knock out (or begin prepping) one of tomorrow’s tiny tasks, which will give you a head start in the morning. The graphic suggests using an app such as Todoist to tidy up your tasks or organize your schedule.

Establish a “no work” zone at home. This can be tough if you live in a studio apartment—or if you work remotely—but try to cordon off some space in your abode that abides only play and relaxation. The graphic suggests setting up a reading nook, a game room or an exercise area.

This isn’t on the infographic, but you could also just turn off the damn phone. Just a thought.

Review the rest of the piece for more tips on switching off after work hours.

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