Infographic: What Google really knows about you

There’s a good chance Google has as much info about your personal preferences as your family does—perhaps more. Here’s a look at just how many details the tech company has about your daily doings.

I own an Android phone, which means it comes with a lot of Google apps and features.

Some, like Google Maps, are helpful. Other features, like the way emails in my Gmail account mysteriously link to my calendar and then send me unwanted notifications, are a little creepy.

For example, if I receive an email from a restaurant confirming my upcoming reservation, my phone will send me a notification the morning of my reservation reminding me of my evening plans. My phone will then send another notification when it’s time to leave for the restaurant so that I’m not late.

Call me old-fashioned, but this creeps me out a little. My phone is reading my emails, pinpointing my location and bossily telling me when to leave. I’ll leave when I want to, Google!

If you’ve ever felt like Google knows a little too much about you, check out this infographic from Conosco. It explains exactly how much information Google has about you—and how it collects it.

For instance, Google knows where I live and where I plan to go—all through my use of Gmail, Calendar and Google Maps and what I look up in Google Search.

The infographic also reveals what Google will learn about us in the future, such as what times of day you travel, what you talk about in the car and with whom you spend time.

How do you feel about increasingly smart technology? Do you like the conveniences it affords you? Please sound off in the comments.

(View a larger image.)

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