Infographic: What is your body language saying?

Though you might be a linguistic master, nonverbal communication can sink your face-to-face PR efforts. Put your best foot forward with these tips. And uncross your arms; it looks hostile.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s the impact of a gesture?

Communicators often neglect nonverbal communication, a key aspect of interaction. If your words are saying one thing, but your body language is conveying something else, your message could lose credibility.

This infographic from Custom Writing details 30 telltale signs of people’s hidden thoughts and emotions.

They include:

  • Putting your fingertips together—a gesture that conveys authority or control
  • Crossing your arms—a signal that the speaker is defensive or closed off
  • Hands on hips—a sign of aggression

To learn more about what your body language is telling your audience, see the infographic below:

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