Infographic: What journalists expect from PR pros in 2015

Social media is changing the journalism industry, which means your PR tactics must stay current to land coverage.

Social media has changed the way journalists write and distribute their stories.

Is your PR strategy keeping up?

You don’t want to tell your client you couldn’t land coverage because your media relations tactics are outdated. To spare yourself that humiliating conversation, take a look at this infographic from Edelman Berland, News Whip and Muck Rack. It illustrates how journalists are changing their reporting, and what you can do to ensure your stories get published.

Here are a few of the infographic’s findings:

1. Seventy-six percent of journalists feel pressured to consider whether their story will get shared on social media. Journalists increasingly use images, local angles, trending topics, brevity and a more human voice to make their stories more shareable. Are you providing these items in your pitches?

2. Seventy-four percent of journalists prefer video content from their own news organizations. Only 3 percent of journalists prefer corporate or branded videos. Make sure you provide journalists with what they need to create their own videos.

3. Sixty-four percent of journalists prefer that PR pros follow up pitches via email. Find out what the journalists you pitch prefer, and cater to those preferences.

View a larger version of the infographic here.

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