Infographic: What your customers wish you knew about them

They finally spilled their secrets, which are listed in this graphic. Get ready to take a lot of notes.

Just as people wonder if Bigfoot is real and if mysterious things really happen in the Bermuda Triangle, brands wonder what their customers want, especially on social media.

Some big brands can afford to conduct research, but most just post different types of content to their social media pages and hope fans will bite. The process is largely hit or miss.

Until now.

Stop throwing content on your Facebook wall to see if it will stick. Take a look at this infographic from HelpScout, which lists highlights from 10 studies that reveal what your customers wish you knew about them.

You can use these insights to bolster your social media efforts, or apply them to any area of your business for more success.

Are you ready to finally understand what makes your customers tick? Here are a few insights:

1. Customers value good service more than fast service. Customers who receive competent and knowledgeable service are more likely to remember the experience and tell their friends. Additionally, they said “rude, incompetent and rushed” service is their No. 1 reason to abandon a brand.

2. Customers love personalization, and will gladly pay more for it. In a study from the Journal of Applied Psychology, waiters increased their tips by 23 percent just by providing more personal service.

3. Customers will remember you if you remember their names. People are more attentive and interested when they hear their names.

4. Customers will stick with your loyalty program if you get them started. Customers are twice as likely to stay with a loyalty program if the program appears to already be underway.

5. Customers appreciate brands they associate with “time well spent.” Do you know why beer companies advertise the good time you’ll have drinking their beer as opposed to its cheap price? Because memories of good times are more powerful than memories of money saved.

But wait. There’s more! Take a look at the graphic:

(View a larger image.)

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