Infographic: Why people share content online

People share content that reflects their personalities. Here’s how your organization can determine whether that blog post will go viral or stay in the shadows.

Why do people share content online?

Sixty-three percent of people say they share content because it reflects their identity, an infographic from says.

If you want people to share your organization’s content, you must create content in line with not just your organization’s identity, but that of your customer.

The infographic details the five factors that make up an individual’s identity, and how those factors determine if a person will share content.

For example, 84 percent of people say they share content that reflects their commitment to relationships and friendships. The least important factor users consider before sharing is whether the content relates to generation, race or religion.

For more on why people share online, take a look at the infographic:

(View a larger image.)

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