Infographic: Why we like, comment and share on Facebook

Why did you like your friend’s vacation pictures or share that brand’s contest announcement? This infographic reveals the psychology behind our behavior on the social network.

A recent study of more than 58,000 people found that, based on someone’s Facebook likes, you can determine with 95 percent accuracy whether a person is Caucasian or African-American.

You can also determine, with 85 percent accuracy, whether someone is Republican or Democrat.

What we like, comment on and share on Facebook says a lot about us, and an infographic from Quicksprout reveals the psychology behind why we interact with the content the way we do.

Some of the reasons why we like content:

  • To acknowledge a friend
  • To affirm something about ourselves
  • To express empathy
  • To get something in return (like a coupon or content entry)

The infographic also reveals interesting findings about the psychology behind status updates:

  • When people post status updates, they report feeling less lonely.
  • Seventy-one percent of Facebook users type out status updates or comments but decide not to post them.

Find out more in the infographic below:

(View a larger image.)

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