Instagram publishes tips for brands

Guideline one is to ‘be true to your brand.’ Of course, that’s easier said than done.

Ever since it became a publicly traded company, Facebook has been trying to make its service more marketer friendly (to the expense of users, some would say). The company is now doing its best to make Instagram, the photo-sharing service it acquired for $1 billion in 2012, more marketer friendly, too.

To that end, Instagram has taken to Tumblr to publish “Tools and tips to help marketers inspire and engage on Instagram.”

The post features several brands who they think are doing a better job than you are at pushing their goods and services through its platform, including @gopro, @patagonia, @disneyland and @chobani (who knew puffy coats and yogurt could be so darn sexy?).

We’ll list a few highlights below, but you should check out the post for yourself, as the writers go into detail about each of these points:

1. Be true to your brand
2. Share experiences
3. Find beauty everywhere
4. Inspire action
5. Know your audience

At first glance, social media veterans (if such a thing exists) are probably saying, “Well, duh.” But as with most go-get-’em-tiger statements in marketing, it’s easier said than done.

Creating a lifestyle brand isn’t something that happens overnight. And many B2B social media folks out there are shaking their heads slowly and contemplating a forehead-meet-keyboard situation.

I tend to find the best Instagram accounts are managed by someone who understands the medium, uses it themselves, and is wildly ecstatic about the product they’re promoting. Social accounts should inspire brand ambassadors, so doesn’t it make sense that the most fervent brand ambassador should be the one behind your social accounts?

Makes sense to me. But again, easier said than done.

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