It’s time to drop the term ‘social media’

It’s just another communication channel, this author argues. It’s no different than email. Do you ask, “How was your email experience today?”

Is anyone tired of the term “social media”?

Depending upon how you use it, it’s really just another marketing or communication channel.

It’s similar to email. When email first came out, there were no email experts, 101 courses, or conferences. It was just another communication channel. Some people embraced it faster than others. People didn’t ask other people if they emailed all the time or if they could be on someone’s email list.

A recent presentation about Linkedin reminded me of this topic. There are a number of people who have no interest in Linkedin, Facebook or other social media channels.

Social media is about something else: marketing, communicating, blogging, journaling.

How you define social media really defines your goals and expectations.

I am going to try to refrain from using the term “social media.” It means too many things, and people have so many different opinions about it.

I prefer to talk about the channels or, better yet, the experiences. The real learning takes place when people share their experiences on social media sites. For me, it is more than just email. Would you ask someone, “How was your email experience today?” It doesn’t make sense. Social media is headed in the same direction.

Brent Pohlman is the marketing director at Midwest Laboratories. He blogs at Marketing Director Blog, where a version of this article originally appeared.

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