Kraft Heinz, Virgin Voyages and KFC offer time off and more for Mother’s Day

Brand managers are looking to appeal to consumers by offering babysitting reimbursement, adults-only cruises and sweet biscuits that are accompanied by saucy male dancers.

Mother's Day PR efforts

Flowers and cards are common Mother’s Day gifts, but a few organizations are offering the mom in your life something different.

Kraft Heinz is giving mothers the gift of time off—by reimbursing them for childcare costs.

In a press release, Kraft Heinz wrote:

Last Mother’s Day, 75% of moms received cards, 67% received flowers and 55% were taken out to eat**. But according to a recent article from, one of the things Mom wants most for Mother’s Day is alone time***. They want time to enjoy long brunches, go to kid-unfriendly restaurants, shop for clothes without having to take the kids into the dressing room, or simply sleep in on a Sunday. Kraft gets that, and is covering for the babysitter costs on Mother’s Day so they can take some time off.

“Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate Mom in all of her greatness, but we know the holiday doesn’t stop the challenges of motherhood – temper tantrums, sleepless nights and picky eaters,” said Sergio Eleuterio, Head of Marketing for Kraft. “With Kraft “Mother’s Day Away” we are giving moms across the country the chance to have what they secretly really want: some time for themselves.”

The company also announced its offering with a video:

CBS News reported:

The rules are pretty simple. After the babysitter is paid and out the door, moms can submit their babysitter bills from the holiday to The offer ends at midnight on May 19 and will cover a maximum of $100 of the bill, per person or household. The offer is limited to $50,000 total and is only open to those in the U.S., its territories and military addresses.

The PR stunt is already gaining positive media coverage, but it doesn’t erase recent negative headlines about Kraft Heinz’s botched financial statements and the loss of its chief marketing and chief executive officers.

Virgin Voyages’ adults-only trip

After the mom in your life gets a night off, Virgin Voyages hopes to extend that alone time to an entire week (but you’ll have to foot the bill).

In a YouTube video titled, “The No-Guilt Trip,” Virgin Voyages promoted its adults-only cruises with a video asking mothers if they’d feel OK taking a trip without their children. Their responses differed quite a bit from their children’s reactions.

Travel Pulse reported:

… Most of the respondents hadn’t been away from their children for more than a few hours, saying they would miss her too much.

In response, the cruise line asked the respondents’ kids if they thought their moms should go on vacation without them and what they planned to do while she was away.

“Yeah, I’m OK if mom goes away,” one boy said, while his brother responded, “Yeah. She can go as long as she wants.”

“Feeling guilty about going on holiday without your kids?” Virgin Voyages asked. “This Mother’s Day leave your worries (& your kids) behind.”

The marketing effort doesn’t offer anything for free, but the messages match Kraft Heinz’s stunt, with both offering mothers much-needed breaks.

KFC’s saucy videos and biscuits

KFC offered up spice for Mother’s Day—and not just in its chicken.

The fast food chain introduced “Chickendales,” a male dancing group, to add humor to Mother’s Day and debut its Cinnabon-partnered “dessert biscuits.”

The Drum reported:

The KFC Chickendales – yes, that’s the decidedly unsexy name of the troupe of male dancers – are dancing up a frenzy for moms with a customized social media message and a push for chicken and biscuits. Starting April 29 and available through June 30, guests will receive four free Cinnabon Dessert Biscuits with the purchase of any KFC 10-piece meal or larger. The KFC Cinnabon Dessert Biscuits – flaky biscuits topped with Cinnabon’s cinnamon brown sugar glaze and signature cream cheese – are also available on their own.

… “Our new Cinnabon Dessert Biscuits were created just in time for Mother’s Day to give mom a delectable sweet treat that’s uniquely KFC,” said Andrea Zahumensky, chief marketing officer, KFC US “To top it off, wish mom a happy Mother’s Day the KFC way by sending her a video of a shirt-ripping, finger-lickin’ performance cooked up by a troupe of hunky KFC Chickendales.”

The video (and accompanying social media posts) have sparked conversation online:

Delish reported:

Here’s the deal: You go to to create a special Mother’s Day video for your mom. You enter in some basic info—like your mom’s name and where she lives—then you see a brief ad about a special KFC treat in your area. And then…it gets truly epic.

A video is generated based on the information you gave, and it features a bizarre mishmash of The Colonel and Chippendales. “Oh howdy, Mom,” he says, giving the camera face, before ripping off his shirt (as one does). “I hear you’re the best mom in the world. Well, what do you think, boys?” Suddenly, he’s joined by a whole crew of Magic Mike wannabes, who also rip off their shirts.

Unlike responses to Kraft Heinz’s babysitting reimbursement offer and Virgin Voyages’ adults-only cruises, KFC’s saucy video received mixed reactions from social media users.

What do you think of these Mother’s Day campaigns, Ragan/PR Daily readers?

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