Landing coverage in top media outlets is simpler than you think

Get an inside look at what editorial gatekeepers at top publications want in your pitches.

CNN. New York Magazine.

Most PR pros only dream about getting their brand or clients featured by these esteemed news organizations. What if you had a way to know exactly what they’re looking for in your pitches?

The secret isn’t a crystal ball or mindreading abilities. It’s a simple axiom you’ve probably heard since you were young:

“Practice makes perfect.”

That doesn’t mean typing up and sending out pitches until your fingers cramp. You can practice pitching reporters from those organizations face to face—and get their valuable feedback—at the Media Relations Pitch Clinic, July 16 in New York City.

You’ll also spend the day learning the latest story angles that reporters are looking for, costly mistakes to avoid in your pitches and more.

Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind opportunity to get inside the heads of top reporters. Register today.

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