LinkedIn poll: PR pros hate cold pitching

We asked the LinkedIn group what they hate most about their jobs as PR pros.

While we know PR pros love their jobs, every once in a while a little gripe session can help vent some frustration.

Most respondents to a LinkedIn poll about what PR pros hate about their job cited cold pitching as the top frustration.

“Cold pitching in a world where almost no one wants the human contact of a telephone call is difficult at best,” wrote Stephanie Kerch, principal/owner at Vivid Communications.

According to our poll, 49 percent of respondents said they disliked cold pitching most, followed by 17 percent who felt negatively about their news releases being heavily edited, and 15 percent who needed a break from crazy deadlines.

More than 200 people took our poll, which offered respondents five choices from which to choose: Cold pitching, heavily edited news releases, lack of sleep, permanently attached to a smartphone, and crazy deadlines.

Here’s a breakdown of answers:

  • 49 percent said cold pitching;
  • 17 percent said heavily edited news releases;
  • 15 percent said crazy deadlines;
  • 14 percent said permanently attached to your smartphone;
  • 5 percent said they like the lack of sleep least.

Are there things you love about your PR job? Weigh in now on LinkedIn’s latest poll for a happy twist.

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