Make your product look sexy on Facebook

Never waste time wailing about your product or your company’s lack of sex appeal on Facebook, says this expert. Instead, follow his seven tips for bigger buzz and better sales.

Want to learn how to spice your product to make it sexy on Facebook?

I’ve heard it all before: People have told me that their products are boring or that they work in an industry that’s not interesting enough to be on Facebook.

I, on the other hand, believe any business can be on Facebook.

A little creativity is what it takes. I’ve seen countless unique pages—everything from swimming pool accessories to poultry products, and even a horse farm—that have built great communities on Facebook simply because their competitors are not represented there.

You can do this too!

1. Show what it represents.

What is your product to you and to your customers?

Rather than simply solving your customers’ problem, show them what your product represents.

For companies like GoPro, it’s all about “the adventure.” For others it’s about fun, freedom, love, God, etc.

Quest Nutrition hopes its product represents clean eating and a healthy lifestyle. To reinforce this idea, it constantly shares photos of fans who worked hard to lose weight. Quest has had great success doing this.

2. Dress it up.

I only have one tip here: Get out of the studio! A professional product photo on a white background is pretty. It’s great if you’re selling it on your website, but if you do that on Facebook, it’s just not sexy.

Take your product, take yourself, out of the studio, and capture your product in a different environment. Now that‘s sexy!

Just take a look at how sexy these pretzels are.

3. Have some fun.

If it fits the tone you want on Facebook, have fun. You’re not required to be professional all the time. Many businesses limit themselves by being too professional. They forget that social networks are very personal.

A few simple ideas:

  • Add a meme to your brand
  • Share a joke
  • Show fun people working in your company

4. Show the ways you can use it.

How do you use your products? Instead of simply posting and selling your product’s specs, show your fans how they can use your products.

Facebook is great for sharing like this: Make a step-by-step infographic, a video tutorial or a daily or weekly tip.

One of the best examples of selling your product’s uses comes from Duck Tape. Duck Tape! Who would have guessed adhesives could be so compelling on Facebook? Not me!

5. Customers

There’s nothing sexier than your customers selling for you. Do this by getting your fans to send photos of themselves with your products.

Ask them to share a photo by submitting it through an app, comments section, or even on Instagram by using a hashtag. Share the best photos and reward your fans.

I love how Quest Nutrition does this on Facebook. Quest ticks all the boxes for marketing on Facebook.

6. Make it current

Use fresh news in your Facebook marketing to predict what current events will be relevant to your fans. An easy example: the Super Bowl. Other events will fit narrower niches: such as the Teen Choice Awards. For fitness enthusiasts there are the Crossfit games.

Know what your fans love, and use it to engage them. Subtly place your product in the visuals you use. It doesn’t have to be direct.

7. Show the human side

This last tip is perhaps the most important, and connects everything above. Showing the human side of the business makes your product sexy because it makes your page more memorable, especially in comparison to the thousands of pages that bombard their fans with ads and corporate messages.

Do this by showing what happens at your workplace. Give your fans a look at the people who run your daily operations.

Summing up

To succeed on Facebook, you must be honest. Most important, be yourself. Best practices are fine, but your unique company personality is what will distinguish you from the pack.

It’s your turn. I would love to hear how you would make your product look sexier on Facebook.

Aaron Lee is the grand master of customer delight at Post Planner, a platform that increases Facebook engagement. In his free time, he shares his fun adventures at A version of this article first appeared on Mark Schaefer’s {grow}.

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