Managers are your greatest ally—when they communicate

Turn unengaged managers into strong communicators by attending this can’t-miss workshop.

“But you’re the communicator, not me.”

Ever heard this from a manager who’d rather hide behind his or her desk than get out in front of employees?

For your employee communications efforts to succeed, you need managers to take an active role in connecting with your workforce.

Learn how to guide them in the right direction by joining us for the Turning Managers into Communicators Workshop on May 15 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Help managers identify and overcome barriers to effective communication
  • Build a training program that covers all the skills managers currently lack
  • Turn managers into an effective channel for reaching and engaging employees
  • Ensure your training pays off by developing a program to maintain their skills

Don’t let unengaged managers sap the strength of your communications programs. Develop their skills and watch employee engagement skyrocket.

Register here to save $100.

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