Marketing managers have the 8th unhappiest job, study shows

CareerBliss analyzed user reviews to name the profession one of the unhappiest. Meanwhile, database administrators are sitting pretty.

If you’re a marketing manager and you’re unhappy in your job, take solace in the fact that you’re not alone—not even close to alone.

In a CareerBliss study of the nation’s most unhappy jobs, marketing managers—with a mean annual wage near $130,000—occupy the eighth unhappiest job.

The site analyzes 25,000 reviews from its users, which were collected over the past year. The jobs are rated based on the following categories:

• Work-life balance
• Relationship with boss and co-workers
• Work environment
• Job resources
• Compensation
• Growth opportunities
• Company culture
• Company reputation
• Daily tasks
• Job control

So what should all those miserable marketing managers consider if they’re looking for a career change? Try database administration.

The happiest job, according to the site, is a database administrator, pulling in a mean annual wage of $79,000.

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