Marketing trends that will dominate 2020

Emerging technologies are just the beginning. Look for shifts in the way we approach consumers, as well as a broader approach to CSR objectives and methods. Buckle up.

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There are many reasons 2020 shows unprecedented potential for marketers.

There’s the promise of rapid advances in AI technology, moon mining and even a glimmer of hope in reversing the aging process.

It will be the year when we see the new age of marketing move from proof of concept to established fact—and the results will be massive for those who get the jump on these crucial trends.

Basic marketing truths we’ve held since school must be rethought.

Now that computational processing power and data science techniques can simultaneously make sense of millions (or even billions) of data points, we will question concepts as basic as that of “target market.”

Instead of targeting a handful of personas, we will realize our potential consumers represent a constellation of diverse micro markets, composed of very different people who happen to share a similar need or desire. With all the data and creativity in our marketing arsenal, the barriers that prevent us from acquiring all audiences that we can responsibly and profitably identify, reach and convert will be removed.

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