Mattress store closes ‘indefinitely’ after backlash over 9/11 commercial

‘There is very little we can do to take away the hurt we have caused, but we can begin with silence,’ the company’s owner said in a statement.

We’re seeing the fallout from what might become the gold standard for ill-conceived promotions.

Behold the tastelessness of San Antonio, Texas-based Miracle Mattress with its “Twin Tower Sale” commerical:

CNBC reported:

[The company’s] ad was quickly removed after furious viewers responded to it—but not before it went viral. It featured three store workers, two of whom collapse into two towers of mattresses. Afterward, one of the workers faced the camera and joked, “we’ll never forget.”

The ad was ripped as being in poor taste, and furious social media users buried Miracle Mattress’ Facebook page in negative comments.

The online backlash was also swift on Twitter:

On Thursday, Mike Bonanno, the company’s owner, shared the following letter on the company’s Facebook page:

On Friday, Bonanno issued the following statement:

Though many applauded Bonanno for closing Miracle Mattress’ doors, others criticized the mea culpa and demanded that Bonanno’s daughter Cherise—the company’s marketing manager featured in the commercial—be fired:

Miracle Mattress wasn’t the only company to make a heinous marketing misstep. A Florida Walmart store apologized for setting up this display in the days before the 15th anniversary of 9/11:

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