New app gives writers an on-the-go style guide

Language consultancy The Writer has launched a new app that aims to be the pocket resource for writers and editors who aren’t always in front of a computer.

Have you ever found yourself with a burning language question while you were on the go? Brand language consultancy The Writer has you covered.

The group created a handy language app for the business set called “The Writer’s style guide,” and it’s available for free on iPhones and Android devices.

From The Writer’s press release on the app:

For many business writers, content has become one of the highest-rated priorities in 2014 and will top the list again in 2015. According to GigaOm Research, 95% of CMOs surveyed said that content marketing is important to their business in 2014, putting business writing higher on their agenda than ever before.

The Writer’s app is designed to help executives, content marketers, corporate writers and anyone who writes at work with language queries and grammar troubles.

The app, available through iTunes and Google Play, features a style guide and a Flesch-Kincaid-based readability scanner. You can also use the app to reach out to someone from the consultancy if you have a more sophisticated question.

“With so much content being created these days, it’s not just writers doing business writing anymore,” Anelia Varela, US Director of The Writer, said in a statement. “And much of that content is created in real time, on-the-go and to tight deadlines, which puts the quality of your communications at risk. Our app is ideal for those people who want their content to be as good as possible, but don’t always have the time, skills or resources to make it happen.”

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