Online marketers jump on the Leap Year Day bandwagon

For some, Feb. 29 is just another day on the calendar. For brand managers, it’s an opportunity to offer something ‘rare.’ Here’s how various social media marketers took part.

Although Leap Year Day isn’t an official holiday, its infrequence has marketers living it up online.

A variety of organizations are using the once-in-every-four-years occasion to offer discounts, introduce promotions and launch full-blown marketing campaigns.

Though some Leap Year Day deals apply only to the rare group of consumers born on the extra calendar day, most seek to offer “something extra” to everyday buyers.

Here are a few highlights from around the Web:


Many marketing efforts canvassed consumers to “make Leap Year Day count,” but marketers in the food industry took a more indulgent approach:

No meat on Leap Year Day

Today isn’t a Lenten Friday, but that didn’t stop the animal welfare group Mercy for Animals from asking consumers to abstain from eating meat:

Fast-food chain Arby’s created a meatless Leap Year Day menu. The restaurant group steered away boasting its tagline “We have the meats,” to offer veggie lovers an alternative.

“We’re proud of our meats and haven’t been shy about promoting them, so we wanted to show vegetarians that with a little creativity, Arby’s can fit into their diet as well,” Arby’s told Mashable.

Get outside and do something

Retailer Zappos wanted employees to enjoy the extra day so much that it made Leap Year Day a company holiday.

“We believe a whole lot of good can be done with one extra day, and we are leading by example by giving all our employees a paid day off,” a Zappos spokesman told Internet Retailer. “We hope that encourages both our employees and customers to [use] the extra 24 hours to do something they’ve always wanted to do.”

Travel groups and hotel chains marketed leap day as an opportune time to take a trip:

Frogs and long-limbed athletes

Frog puns and pictures were all over the Internet today. Here’s how social media managers for a few organizations—including Staples—used frog imagery and language in their online marketing efforts:

Instead of using frogs, social media managers for several sports organizations showcased pictures of their most agile athletes leaping through the air:

Celebrate Leap Year Day in style

Cosmetics organizations and retailers marketed Leap Year Day as an opportunity to get gussied up:

Ragan readers, how do you think these brand managers did in marking Leap Year Day?

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