PR pros: 10 ways to make reporters fall in love with you

Spring has sprung, and love is in the air. Not quite? Follow these tips to woo your next reporter-friend.

Want to get coverage for your press release or important story? Then don’t do what everyone does—pitch all the livelong day, and not actually speak to anyone. Instead, focus on developing a relationship with journalists, and you may be surprised at the results.

1. Don’t pitch

Again, don’t pitch all the time. It’s obviously necessary, but don’t bombard them. In fact, if you adhere to the following tips enough, they’ll probably start pitching YOU.

2. Reference their work

Want someone to feel important? Then talk about what drives them. For journalists, this includes past stories and columns they’ve written. You don’t have to memorize every word, but rest assured a little reference to past work will make them smile … and remember your name.

3. Talk to them like humans

Reporters are super busy, so don’t flood their inbox with inane banter. But on the occasions when you talk to them, don’t just stick to business. Ask them how their kids are doing in the school play, or if that big story they were working on panned out.

4. Learn their schedule

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