Presentation Handouts For: CLCF19-FALL

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Speaker Presentations

Case studies:
Communicators, this is your moment
Google clamps down on political debate at work
Mark Ragan, Ragan Communications and Jim Ylisela, Ragan Consulting Group

Change communication: The benefits of senior leadership and communications working together (Presentation not available for distribution)
Presenter: Ron Cogan, Entertainment Partners

Panel: Employees as brand advocates: How to cultivate your best internal ambassadors
(No slides for this session)

Moderator: Lanita Goins, Arch Capital Services

  • Casey Hollins, Rappahannock Electric Cooperative
  • Carolyn Clark, GoDaddy
  • Jeri Grier, Nationwide

Generational management: How to successfully lead a multigenerational team
Presenter: Greg Tall, JB Training

Video as a key cultural tool
Moderator & presenter: Jim Ylisela, Ragan Consulting Group

Connected: An intranet show and share

Mindfulness workshop: How to balance work and life
10 Tips: Why bring mindfulness to your workplace?
Presenter: Christy Cassisa, University of California, San Diego

Structuring a team for success
Moderator: Jim Ylisela, Ragan Consulting Group

Internal audit, outcomes and takeaways
Presenter: Sabrina Steele, Aerospace Corporation

What do retention, employee engagement and productivity have in common?
Presenter: Kenis Dunne, Micron Technology

How to strengthen employee engagement through measurement and internal sentiment analysis
Moderator: Kristin Graham, Amazon
Presenter: Rosemary Cassie, Dell Digital