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Virtual Retreat Notes:

Comprehensive notes covering all sessions from the event: Virtual Retreat Notes

Speaker Presentations

Purpose in a Pandemic: REI’s Story of Employee Ambassadorship
Presenter: Diana Kowalsky, Director of Internal Communications, REI

When Bias is Shared: Entergy Show How Vulnerability Advances DEI Goals
Presenter: Michelle Delery, Director of Corporate Communications, Entergy

From Pain to Progress: The Neuropsychology of Resilience in Uncertain Times
Presenter: Dr. Julia DiGangi, Neuropsychologist, Founder and CEO at NeuroHealth Partners

Merging Two Organizations in a Pandemic: Building One Powerful Communications Team
Presenter: Sheila Noel, Vice President, Global Employee Communications, UKG

Intentional Communications: How NetApp’s Comms Team Put Managers on a Success Path
Presenter: Dana Masuda, Former Head of Corporate Employee Communications, NetApp

The Art of Storytelling in Leadership
Presenter: Dawn Fraser, Storyteller and Speaker, Fraser’s Edge, LLC

Bonus Materials