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Virtual Retreat Notes:

Comprehensive notes covering all sessions from the event: Virtual Retreat Notes

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Speaker Presentations

Communications Team Structures for a High-Performing Organization
Presenter: Hannah Cho, VP, Corporate Communications at BMC

Eureka: Measuring Communications & Uncovering Actionable Insights
Presenter: Sarah Plaster, Director, Organizational Communications at Aflac
Presenter: John Cirone, Director, Global Employee & Executive Communications at Microsoft

Vaccines and Return to the Workplace
Presenter: Michael Waterman, Vice President of Communications and Creative Services at CHG Healthcare Services
CHG's "Return to Office" video

Insights on Strengths from Stories
Presenter: Mary Olson-Menzel,  executive coach at MVP/Spark InSight
Presenter: Mel Shahbazian,  executive coach at MVP/Spark InSight

Connecting to Purpose During Each Step of Change Management Communications
Presenter: Carmella, Director, Head of Internal Communications & Employment at Blue Cross NC

Tools & Platforms

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Bonus Materials