Presentation Handouts For: Y17CD0AT

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Pre-Conference Workshops - September 27

How organizations can produce award-winning content - and how you can too: Tips, tactics and how-to road maps for creating a content machine
Mark Ragan 
Kim Blanchette

Visual storytelling lifespan: A story is born, produced, promoted, measured and re-invented
Justin Allen

The art of inspiration: 7 secrets of highly effective storytellers
Justina Chen

Main Conference - September 28

Sponsored Breakfast Session with Pace:
Developing authentic video storytelling that leads to consumer engagement
Brian Bowen

Opening Keynote:
Reach new audiences through digital storytelling - and change the way people view your brand
John Yembrick

Scale your storytelling to gain resources and secure leadership support

Amanda Todorovich

Special Keynote:
Brand publishing - the good, the bad and the undiscovered content
Ben Deutsch

Last night a DJ rocked your brand
Curtis Midkiff

Give your content more momentum - and measure the impact
Karen Budell
(Note: presentation will not available)

Finding the connective tissue in your brand story
Kevin Briody

Multigenerational storytelling that captures all your audiences
Kirsten Chiala

Turn your employees into storytellers: How to create a culture of content within your organization
Jay Moye (moderator)
Ashley Callahan
Tomas Kellner
Dean Foust
Dean Foust Bonus: How to develop a TED@UPS talk
Dean Foust Bonus: How to write stuff people want to read

Main Conference - September 29

Sponsored Breakfast Session with Dynamic Signal:
The ultimate storyteller: The engaged employee
Robyn Hannah and Ted Rubin

Visual storytelling: The great brand equalizer
Justin Allen

Social media "war rooms" - where they're heading and how to make your data actionable
Chris Littmann
Peter Callaro

Working effectively: How the best brands behave
Bryan Rhoads

Closing Keynote:
Show Me: How brilliant brands craft video stories that inspire action
Andrew Davis