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Pre-Conference Workshops - April 5

Main Conference - April 6

Smash Silos, spike ROI: How social and earned media can work together 
Katrina Najm and Brandon Arthur

Brave the "Pitch Tank": Editors and new survey reveal keys to more press
Greg Galant
Paul Brady
John Ness
Sara Clemence
Robert Barba

Rev up ROI: Smarter measurement methods to demonstrate PR value
Molly McKenna

Not a relic: Make press releases relevant in the digital age to boost results
Ken O'Quinn
Ken O'Quinn Handout
Lauren Lefebvre

CYA or DOA? Protect (or destroy) your online reputation in the era of fake news
John David

Closing Keynote
Wisdom from the White House: What's your "Howdahell" hook?
Eric Schnure

Main Conference - April 7