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Pre-Conference Workshops - September 18

The secrets of speechwriting with style: Get back to the basics to create your next best speech
Vinca LaFleur
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How to use video to drive a high performance culture
Vern Oakley

Storytelling: How to harness the power of stories to bring out your speaker's humanity, drive your arguments home and create a lasting impression on your audience
Rob Friedman

Main Conference - September 19

Opening Keynote
Lessons learned from first lady Michelle Obama on how to write a powerful, memorable and authentic speech
Sarah Hurwitz

Executive communications in a time of change
Oscar Suris

Shape-shifter: Becoming the right communications partner for any executive
Mary Gibson

Building a better executive communications presence
Liz Coffey

Multiple communications platforms, one unifying purpose
Lisa Gibson

Get to the point! How to coach your speakers - and yourself - to make points clearly and convincingly through effective public speaking techniques
Joel Schwartzberg

Closing Keynote:
Castles in the air: Lessons from the Disney way to present
Cappy Surette
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