Presentation Handouts For: Y18CS0DC2

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Pre-Conference Workshops - September 13

Main Conference - September 14

Bonus Breakfast Session with RMG
Engage through mobile and beyond: Trends that are shaping the modern workforce
Bob Michelson

Opening Keynote
The battle for truth: Earning trust in the ear of fake news
Ben Boyd

Selling the value of PR to your executive team
Greg Galant

Behind every great executive brand ... is a great communications person
(Please note: presentation not available for attendee use)
Stacy Elliott

Retrofit your executive communications strategy for the digital world
Jerry Wohletz

Bonus Lunch Session with Dynamic Signal
How execs empower employees to become enthusiastic brand ambassadors
Robyn Hannah

Using technology as an accelerator to drive stronger leadership connections
Naomi Moneypenny

Closing Keynote
The importance of authenticity in executive communications
Steven Handmaker