Presentation Handouts For: Y19CS0DC

Pre-Conference Workshops

Track 1 - Speechwriting Fundamentals

March 14

(Keynote) Find your executive’s voice to strengthen your leader’s messages - Sarada Peri, Speechwriter for former President Barack Obama *

The secrets of career success for speechwriters - Rob Friedman, Ragan Consulting Group *

Storytelling with a strategic purpose - Shelly Plutowski, Mayo Clinic

The Speech of Angels: Using music to craft powerful and effective speeches - Brent Jensen, host of No Sleep ‘til Sudbury

Escaping Power Point Prison - Create stunning visual presentations that’ll set your messages free - Donald Ritzenhein, Wayne State University and Neil H. Mansharamani, Federal Aviation Administration

(Keynote) A speechwriters’ journey from communicator to catalyst - Janet M. Stovall, UPS


March 15

(Keynote) Winning ideas come from the funniest places - Mark Katz, The Soundbite Institute

Leading the skilled, confident speechwriting team: What new managers need to know - Jonathan Sack, Office of the Mayor, City of Chicago

Crafting the unforgettable speech with powerful anecdotes - Patrick Kelly, J.B. Pritzker’s 2018 Illinois gubernatorial campaign & transition

(Closing Keynote) The rise and fall of the bully pulpit - Robert Schlesinger, author “White House Ghosts: Presidents and Their Speechwriters”  *


Track 2 - Advanced speechwriting and executive communications

March 15

Spinning straw into gold: How to make your life pay off for you as a speechwriter - Desson Thomson, Motion Picture Association *

(Panel) Turn boring topics into great speeches - Panelists: Stacy Carlson, Caterpillar Inc.; Christian Nwachukwu Jr., Bloomberg Philanthropies; Rob Friedman, Ragan Consulting Group *

* No slide deck is available for this session

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