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Pre-Conference Workshops

Foresight is 2020: Effective strategies for employee engagement in the new year

Kristina Goel, Director of employee communications and engagement, American Medical Association
Catherine Williams, Manager of communications planning, American Medical Association

Effective strategies for employee engagement_worksheet

The future of crisis response: How to protect your organization with comprehensive communications
Communications director
Nebraska Medicine
Media relations and crisis communications expert
Ragan Consulting Group

Main Conference, TUESDAY, NOV. 5

OPENING KEYNOTE: The future of marketing:
Creating a ‘clean slate’ moment
Dave Parro & Amiee Schuster

The future of social media, part one: Tying social media strategies
to holistic metrics that boost and prove value
Bruce Kennedy

The future of social media, part two: How The Onion remains
relevant in an era of ‘fake news’ and digital disruption
Ryan Shattuck

FIRESIDE: The future of ROI: Proving PR’s worth and earning a seat at the table
(No Slides)

CLOSING KEYNOTE: The future of communications
Lies in data trends and measurement insights
Brandi Boatner

Main Conference, WEDNESDAY, NOV. 6

BONUS BREAKFAST SESSION : Insights from 465M messages:
How to write emails employees will actually read

OPENING FIRESIDE : The future of the PR pro: How to succeed in an era of misinformation and distrust
(No Slides)

The future of media relations: Ensure your narrative cuts through the noise
Tamra Johnson, AAA

The future of change communications: Building trust from the inside out
Kirsten Wenker, Sun Country Airlines

The future of reputation management: How culture affects your workforce and your bottom line
Leslie Krohn, Argonne National Laboratory

AWARDS SHOWCASE : The future of communications campaigns:
Takeaways from award-winning efforts

Jason Benning, Amy Rohn, and Emily Kirchner

LUNCH SESSION: The future of engagement: Unlocking business value through integrated communications
Brett Lutz

The future of digital content: How podcasting can boost your online presence, brand and more
Natan Edelsburg

FIRESIDE: The future of strategic communications: Why and how diversity,
CSR and values-driven communications boost the bottom line
(No Slides)

A generational shift in communication: From rock-and-roll to hip-hop
Linda M. Holliday

The future of employee content: How storytelling can cut through a cluttered landscape
Michelle Lyons

PANEL: The future of technology and communications: Outstanding tools to power your efforts
(No Slides)

CLOSING KEYNOTE: The future of storytelling:
How to use video to reach and engage audiences
(No Slides Available)