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Burn After Reading

Pre-conference workshops: March 11

Using emotional storytelling and digital content to open 'a whole new world'
(Slides not available)
Bob Hitchcock, Disney Parks

Part one: How social media can help you 'go the distance' in your communications career
Marcia DiStaco , University of Florida
Tina McCorkindale, Institute for Public Relations

Part two: How social media can help you ‘go the distance' by turning your career path  'from zero to hero’
(No Slides)
Rebecca Mueller, Porter Novelli
Ben Paston, Wyndham Destinations
Jenn Thai, Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital
Aubrey Gravante, Disney Parks
Tina McCorkindale, Institute for Public Relations
Marcia DiStaso, University of Flordia

'Off with their heads': How to craft attention-grabbing videos and podcasts
Shannon High-Bassalik, Ragan Consulting Group

March 12: Bonus Breakfast Presentation

'Following the leader': How Microsoft connects with employees to boost engagement and culture
Kasia Krzoska, Microsoft

Main Conference: Track 1: Keynotes and Big Stage

Thursday, March 12

'Be prepared': Addressing COVID-19 and stopping misinformation's spread
(No slides)
Rebecca Mueller, Porter Novelli
Caitlin Angelaoff, Providence St. Joseph Health
Mark Ragan, Ragan Communications

Keynote: 'What a day': Taking advantage of live social media experiences and trends
Alyssa Velazquez, ViacomCBS

Panel: 'Friends on the other side': Behind the scenes with influencers and content creators
(No slides)
Meghan Madhavan, Ragan Communications
Rachelle Lucas, The Travel Bite

How YouTube, TikTok and Snapchat can help you 'touch the sky' with Gen Z
Andrew Springer, Voice of America

Become 'best of friends' with your influencer marketing strategy
Bradley Hoos, The Outloud Group

Panel: How podcasting can take social media storytelling 'to infinity and beyond'
(No slides)
Andrew Springer, Voice of America
Omar De Windt, Cervera Real Estate
Caitlin Angeloff, Providence St. Joseph Health

'Remember me': Tell a story with your metrics and prove social media ROI
John Young, Southwest Airlines

Sing 'hi ho': Empowering employee ambassadors to carry your brand's torch
Carlos Gil, Ragan Consulting Group


Friday, March 13

Opening Keynote: 'Checkmate': Secrets of social media content that reaches and resonates
Carolyn Reams, CIA

'Trust in me': Mixing humor with content that respects your social media audience
Ryan Shattuck, The Onion and Clickhole

Digital PR strategies for Instagram and beyond that help event unsexy brands 'see the light'
David Johnston, TSA

Videos can add the 'colors of the wind' to your storytelling and content efforts (No Slides)
Jenn Thai, Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital
Ted Kitterman, Ragan Communications

A #RaganDisney roundup to make your social media knowledge go 'onward and upward' (No Slides)
Kirsten Hamstra, Lenovo
David Johnston, TSA




Track 2: Engagement, Monetization and Beyond

Thursday, March 12

Achieve the social media 'circle of life' with solid and holistic strategy
Kevin Saghy, The Ohio State University

Thriving employee engagement doesn't have to be a 'wish upon a star'
Margie Dolch, Celanese
Margie Dolch - blog-guidelines
Margie Dolch - social-intranet-guidelines

Lightning Talk: When social media goes 'into the unknown': Dos and don'ts for savvy PR crisis response
Aileen Izquierdo, Florida International University
Heather Radi-Bermudez, Florida International University

Diversity and inclusion efforts that boost PR and the bottom line, and invite all to 'be our guest'
(No slides)
Tanya Gibson, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America
Diane Schwartz, Ragan Communications

Brand Journalism secrets that will have competitors say 'I wan'na be like you'
Mark Ragan, Ragan Communications

Engage with employees and consumers with outstanding videos that won't throw your budget 'topsy turvy'
Ben Search, Shootsta

Lightning Talk: Benchmarking secrets to 'run that race' and win with employee emails
Joel-Michael Martin, PoliteMail Software

Panel: Savvy social media tips to help PR and marketing pros stay 'one jump ahead' -- on a budget
(No slides)
Ally Pippin, Wyndham Destinations
Laura Gordillo, March of Dimes
Meghan Madhavan, Ragan Communications

Track 3: On Demand

Uncover social media gold on LinkedIn and see 'how far you'll go'
Steve Kearns, LinkedIn

Tai Wingfield, Weber Shandwick, and Jacer Collins, PepsiCo

Carmen Shirkey Collins, Cisco

Q&A: 'Friends on the other side': Behind the scenes with influencers and content creators
Heather Anne Naples, The Today Show

Eric Johnson, Vox Media, and Rebecca Reed, The Teacher Mastermind

'Well, well, well--what have we here?' Secrets to measure your social media health
Thom Lytle, Dell

Storytelling and content insights that are 'gonna take you there' with outstanding engagement
Adeta Gayah, Visit Orlando

Friends on the other side: Using influencers to tell your story, define your brand and create loyalty
Tulani Elisa, Fox Entertainment

Innovative PR and marketing efforts that makes your brand 'feel the love tonight' on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more (Slides To Come) 
Avery Jukes, The J.M. Smucker Company

'Be prepared': Responding to PR crises in a 24-7 social media news cycle
Kim Markus, ScottsMiracle-Gro (Slides To Come) 

Combine employee engagement and culture with external PR and branding to become 'part of your world' (Slides To Come) 
Nisha Kassam, Edelman