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Tuesday, Dec. 8

Avoid Future Shock: 10 Changes to Anticipate for 2021

Richard Levick, Esq.

Chairman and CEO
Covid-19 Lessons: A Trust Toolbox to Engage Employees in the New Normal
Prarthna Thakore
Head of Internal Communications
Courageous Leadership: New "CCO" and "CEO" Roles to Inspire Trust
Shalini Gupta
Manager of Leadership and CEO Communications
BT (British Telecommunications)
Melissa Shahbazian
SparkinSight Coaching
Integrate to Elevate: Powerful Pillars to Drive CSR and DEI in 2021
Morgan Phelps
Instructor, Corporate Social Responsibility and Diversity in Organizations
Marquette University
Are You Listening? Tap into Social Media and AI to Monitor and Manage Crises
Sandra Polak
Marketing Director
Elizabeth Penniman
Vice President of Communications
The American Red Cross
When War Rooms Go Virtual: Embrace P2P to Keep the Pace with Constant Crisis
Lesley Sillaman
Executive Vice President
Red Havas PR
Frontline Crisis Plans: Looking Beyond Covid to Minimize Risk in the Epidemic Era
Ayoka Pond
Director of Public Relations and Internal Communications
Baptist Memorial Health
Paul Baltes
Director of Communications
Nebraska Medicine
The Year's Top 5 PR Fails in Cyber Security: Key Steps for a Safer 2021
Siobhan Gorman
Partner, D.C. Office
Brunswick Group
Infodemic Inoculation: New Disinformation Data and What to Do About it in 2021
Tina McCorkindale, Ph.D., APR
President and CEO
Institute for Public Relations
Bring Order to Chaos: Lessons from the CDC to Support Your Crisis Leader
Barbara Reynold, Ph.D.
Crisis Instructor
Tulane University
Discover Your "Greater Purpose"—A Blueprint to Shape a Brand and Protect It from Crisis
Rob Flaherty
President and Senior Partner
Andrew Bowins
Senior Vice President for Communications and Industry Affairs
Entertainment Software Association (ESA)