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Thank you for attending

Thank you for attending Ragan's Crisis Communications Virtual Conference. Below you will find the speaker slide decks and handouts for your reference. Please note, only the sessions with slides are listed.

Covid-19 Lessons: How to Update Your Crisis Plans and Response Toolbox
Prarthna Thakore, Head of Internal Communications, ISG
Ayoka Pond, Director of Public Relations and Internal Communications, Baptist Memorial Hospital

Courageous Leadership: New "CCO" and "CEO" Roles to Inspire Trust
Shalini Gupta, Manager of Leadership and CEO Communications, British Telecommunications
Melissa Shahbazian, Co-Founder, SparkInsight Coaching

Integrate to Elevate: Powerful Pillars to Drive CSR and DEI in 2021
Morgan Phelps, Instructor, CSR and Diversity in Organizations, Marquette University

Crisis Planing Deep Dive: 5 Most Common Mistakes Organizations Make with Crisis Plans
Nick Lanyi, Media Relations and Crisis Communications Expert, Ragan Consulting Group

When War Rooms Go Virtual: Embrace P2P to Keep the Pace with Constant Crisis
Lesley Sillaman, Executive Vice President, Red Havas PR

The Year's Top 5 PR Fails in Cyber Security: Key Steps for a Safer 2021
Mark Seifert, Partner and Co-Chair, Cybersecurity & Privacy, Brunswick Group

Infodemic Inoculation: New Disinformation Data and What to Do About It
Tina McCorkindale, Ph.D., APR, President and CEO, Institute for Public Relations

Bring Order to Chaos: Lessons from the CDC to Support Your Crisis Leader
Barbara Reynolds, Ph.D., Crisis Instructor, Tulane University

We also took notes for you! Here's an 8-page overview of four in-depth sessions.

Here are our overall event slides, too, which include information about our Crisis Leader Network, Communications Leadership Council, Awards Programs and more.

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Bonus content and handouts:

The 5 Stages of Crisis Recovery Checklist

Crisis Scenario Process Worksheet

Pre- and Post-Crisis Checklists to Prepare for Whatever Strikes Next

Pandemics, Politics, Purpose: A New Model for Public Affairs

Gauging Employees in Crisis: WFH Pulse Survey Template

D&I Organizational Assessment Steps

Bonus content and resources from our sponsors:

Contact Monkey: Free Internal Communications Planning Calendar

Signal AI:  Eight Tips to Manage a PR Crisis Effectively [eGuide]
It is difficult to know how to manage a PR crisis. But once a scandal breaks, it has a life of its own. All you can do is help guide it as it grows, or withers and dies. But to do that effectively, you must stay ahead of the story. Even five minutes more buys you time to think of a response or draft action points before that first journalist phone call or emergency meeting. So getting real-time updates and coverage in a crisis is priceless. Download our eGuide to find out what you can do to effectively manage and monitor a PR crisis.

APCO Worldwide: APCO's Reset Indicator: Tracking America's New Normal [whitepaper]

APCO Worldwide: APCO's EmPower Crisis Management and Crisis Simulation [one pager]

Zignal Labs: Owning the Narrative—5 Steps to Control Disinformation Before It's Too Late [download]
Based on the lightning talk presented by Chief Customer Officer Jennifer Granston during the event.