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Executive Summary

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Tuesday, July 21

Session 1 – Opening Keynote
Courageous Conversations: Foster Culture, Engagement and Hope in Times of Change
Kristin Graham

Session 2
#HomeSweetOffice: How to Tap the 3Cs to Re-engage a Remote Workforce
Peter Stern

Session 3
What’s In, What’s Out: Best Channels to Spark Employee Engagement
Kathryn Kennedy

Session 4
WFH Engagement by the Numbers: Get to the Truth with Pulse Surveys
Katrina Gill

Session 5
Rally, Revive, Reconnect: Secrets of Engaging Townhalls and All-Hands Meetings
Bennett Adelman

Session 6
Power Up Collaboration and Communication: Surprising Tools (You Already Have)
Angus Florance and Allison Michels

Session 7
People Power: How to Foster a Meaningful Culture with Remote Teams
Ally Bunin and Ann Melinger

Session 8
The Watercooler Effect: Boost Morale, Creativity in a Big Way with Virtual Small Talk
Jennifer Spantak

Session 9 – Fireside
Human First: Prioritizing Trust and Wellness in the Age of Remote Work
Stacie Barrett and Carolyn Clark

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