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Event Overview

Thursday, Sept. 17, 2020

Four Perspectives: The Workplace Experience—and Why a Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is More Crucial than Ever
Pamela Morris, Troy Thompson, Esther Mireya-Tejada and Liz Travis Allen

From unconscious bias to conscious communicator: What you need to do in your role to foster inclusion and belonging
Kim Clark

Intersectionality and White Fragility: What They Mean for Brands, The Workplace
Melissa Kraus Taylor

Fireside Chat
Supporting the wellbeing of Black employees during a time of crisis and trauma
Thania Cadet

Create Change: Set Measurable DEI Goals, Tie Them to Business Objectives and Continuously Improve on Them
Chloe Louvouezo

How Communicators and HR Can Break Down Silos and Work Together on DEI
Alyssa Hagan

Three Tactics to Inspire Senior Leaders to Be More Involved in DEI Efforts
LaTonya Wilkins

Friday, Sept. 18, 2020

Fireside Chat
Betterment: How to Improve DEI transparency, address and respond to shortcomings and criticisms
Chantal Romain and Michelle Flowers Welch

Embracing celebrations and milestones: Strategies to storytell and showcase diverse voices in your internal communications and brand messages
Danielle Veira

How Equitable Hiring Practices Create a Stronger Work Culture and Brand Reputation
Angela Hayes and Darren Freeman

Creating and running successful employee resource groups
Sue Sutton

Build a work culture and employer brand inclusive to people of all abilities
Erin Brown and Vix Jensen

Writing about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Vicki Guinn

Real World Ways to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in Your Organization with Yammer and Microsoft
Michael Holste

#MeToo and Beyond: Using communications to advance gender equality in the workplace and in brand messages
Kevin Price and Lin-Hua Wu

Meeting the needs of different generations in the workforce and confronting ageism
Abhilasha Shukla

Allyship and Beyond: What Communicators and Organizations Need to Do Today to Support Black Lives Matter
Brandi Boatner