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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Please note: Panels and firesides do not have slides.

Opening Chat: How Communicators Can Chart a Course for Smooth Sailing
Chris Chiames, Chief Communications Officer, Carnival Cruise Line

Future-Forward Crisis Lessons to Prepare for the Unexpected
Nick Lanyi, Media Relations and Crisis Communications Expert, Ragan Consulting Group

PANEL: Activating your employee channels to prevent internal crises
Matt Fields, Head of Corporate Communications, US Consumer Bank, Barclays
Becky Graebe, Senior Director, Communications Strategy, Dynamic Signal
Brandi BoatnerManager, Digital Advocacy Communications, IBM

PANEL: Practicing Social Media Engagement to Prevent a Crisis from Spreading
Kelly Stone, Senior Director of Digital Strategy, CompTIA
Jennifer Magas, Clinical Associate Professor, Pace University
David Johnston, Head of Social Media, The Department of Defense

Communicating Layoffs, Mergers and Restructures
Amanda Minto, Director of HR Communications, Technology, Product, Xperience, Comcast

PANEL: Responding to the Crisis of Inauthenticity
Doug Duvall, AVP, Corporate Communications, Amtrak
Megan Rokosh, Global CMO, Havas Health & You
Sukhi Sahni, Head of Corporate Communications for U.S. Card and Retail Bank Divisions, Capital One

Insights to avoid a remote work crisis
Katie Liston, Head of Marketing, ContactMonkey

Fireside chat: Turning an industry-wide crisis into an opportunity for employees and customers
Steve Restivo, Global VP, Corporate Communications, United Airlines

COVID-19 Case Study: How KFC played a banjo while other companies were playing a violin
Tori Carter, Senior Manager of Brand Communications, KFC Global

Crisis training essentials for today’s response teams
Michelle Rosinski, Lead Security Monitoring and Response Analyst, Mastercard

Communicating During Covid: Vaccines, Guidelines and the New Normal
Tony Morain, VP, Communications, Direct Relief

PANEL: Practicing Cool Media Relations Under Crisis
Audra Hession, Principal & Managing Director, G&S Business Communications
Kaelan Hollon, Senior Director, Communications, Reynolds American
Spring Harris, Head of Global Corporate Communications and PR, NortonLifeLock

PANEL: Media Monitoring Skills to Stay on Top of a Crisis
Theresa Souza, Head of Sales, America, Signal AI
Shannon McClendon, Public Relations Manager, American Nurses Association
Mark Weiner, Chief Insights Officer, Cognito Insights

Fireside Covid-19 Lessons: Designing Your Future-Proof Crisis Plan and Toolkit
Matthew Hutchison, Chief Communications Officer, Dow Jones

Return to The Old Normal: Prophetic Pain Points to Finish the Year
Shaila Manyam, SVP, Public Affairs and Crisis, BCW


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