Presentation Handouts For: Y21TC08

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Thank you for attending Ragan's Effective Communications During and After a Cyber Attack webinar. Below you will find the speaker slide decks and handouts for your reference.  Click here to see our event agenda slides. 

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Crisis Preparedness: Building Reputation Resilience Before a Cyberattack
Terri Durdaller, VP of Communications, Lutheran Services Florida

Case Study: Communicating your Cyberattack Internally (The Playbook)
Kathy Raymond, Vice President, Internal Communications, Pitney Bowes 

Communicating Your Cyber Incident Response Plan and Post Attack Changes in Policies and Procedures to Internal and External Stakeholders (no slides)
Ebony Vaz, Founder and CEO, Above Promotions
Sean Coyne, Senior Security Consultant at Large, Crucyble

Bonus Materials