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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Activate and Assess: How to Create and Measure DEI Communications slides

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In-Class Resources

Measurement Tip Sheet

Boston Scientific Website Pages

Chat Q&A

  • How do you have the uncomfortable discussion about microagressions when they are coming from a boss or someone who ranks higher than you?
    • Power dynamics are no joke -- and the main reason why most people say nothing and nothing is learned and nothing is resolved to the point of people leaving and even experiencing feeling unsafe which can lead to other more serious situations such as depression and anxiety.
    • One way or another, something needs to be said
    • I have trainings on this where I cover Calling In vs. Calling Out and all the options we have to do something
  • I'm curious if there's a general process that people follow when becoming more aware and conscious of the unconscious bias we've all been conditioned with or if it's more similar to grief with different levels of awareness/processing happening at different times?
    • Yes to it all. We can talk more about this with Janet next week who does a lot of work on unconscious bias.
    • It’s practice. Cannot get rid of it but it’s getting better and better at catching it, especially in the moment. That’s gold. As well as putting the safeguards in our processes to help prevent bias from making it into our decisions and solutions.
    • Angela Wu suggestion: check out Harro's Cycles of Socialization and Liberation
  • @Rev. Deb. Interested in reading your work. Which book would you recommend first in context of this training?
    • Your Deepest Intent & The Sacred Yes
    • “White Fragility seems to be getting through to people”
  • What is a good way to respond to someone who is frustrated by diversity recruitment goals, claiming that there is no one from the underrepresented group that qualifies for their open roles (usually this is more of a gender--specifically women--thing)?
    • They need to be more intentional and do more homework to show up in front of them
    • Many traditional and non-traditional channels, associations, community organizations exist - look, they are there
    • Review job descriptions, bias in language and qualifications
    • Training and focus for agencies and recruiters
    • You also have to have a compelling culture and reputation for anyone to give you a chance...people tired of getting burned, trust broken, having to assimilate & compromise - and people talk and share which companies to stay away from
  • I hear from some folks specifically in the disability rights and autism awareness communities re: not wanting "people first" language b/c they see their disability or autism diagnosis as central to their identities. How do you navigate this stuff? It can feel so tough as a communicator to get it right.
    • There are general guidelines and part of that is making room for everyone to self-identify and to start, "people first" recognizes the person which is a big improvement over the status quo which reinforces bias of difference equalling deficit and dehumanizing people.
    • Some do want identity first, some don’t want to talk about their identities at all so starting with respecting human dignity and then if you get corrected then they respect you enough to tell you how they identify. Embrace it.
  • Is it appropriate to create a team of diverse people to create a plan?
    • Yes. Much of DEI comms and especially content MUST be co-created.
    • We must co-create with the people who will benefit the most, who are currently impacted the most by being excluded from the table.
  • Suggestions for services that offer more inclusive and authentic stock photography?
    • Shared on chat:
      • focuses on Black and Brown people
      • focuses on people of color
      • Broadly Gender Photos offers representations of all different genders in common, everyday scenarios
      • Jopwell Collection shows business situations featuring diverse professionals; limited options; must credit Jopwell Collection
      • Iwaria African features high-quality photos
      • WOCinTech features women of color in tech
      • is limited to ten downloads per day from the free collection
      • Pexels offers large collection of diverse photos; however, searching can be uneven
      • Unsplash is a repository of crowdsourced photos
    • Kim additions:

Post-Module 3 Homework

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

DE&I and the Communicator’s Role: How to Add a DEI Lens to Your Communications slides

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In-Class Resources:

Post-Module 2 Homework 

Action Plan

  1. Complete the action plan, put a “by when” next to each action
  2. Pick a communication piece from your organization
  3. Rewrite it to be more inclusive
  4. Bring the before and after, be prepared to discuss

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

DE&I and the Communicator’s Role: Foundations of a DE&I Program slides

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Post-Module 1 Homework 

Bonus Materials