Presentation Handouts For: Y22TC02

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Thank you for attending Ragan's Employee Communications for Talent Retention moderated by Joyceann Garippa, Director of Content & Programming at Ragan Communications. Below are the slide decks from the presentations and bonus takeaway materials. Click here to view our event slides with additional awards, events and council information.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Communicating to People Managers with Clarity and Consistency slides

  • Deborah Hyman, SVP, Head of Employee Communications & Employer Brand, Wells Fargo

Engagement Channels: Moving from Listening to Action slides

The Communicator’s Role in Finding, Retaining and Upskilling Talent Panel (no slides)
  • Azurée S. Montoute-Lewis, Global Head of Talent Management and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Hill + Knowlton
  • Ali Intres, SVP, Human Resources & Talent Management, Forbes
  • Laura Brusca, SVP, Corporate Communications, Forbes
  • Justin Joffe, Moderator, Ragan Communications

Bonus Materials