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Thank you for attending PR Daily's SEO Bootcamp: A Communicator’s Primer on All Things SEO moderated by Joyceann Garippa, Director of Content & Programming, Ragan Communications.

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SEO Bootcamp: A Communicator’s Primer on All Things SEO slides

Q&A - Answers from Our Trainer

June 28, 2022


Understanding Your User

What questions should you be asking before you even start crafting your content? In this opening session, you’ll get answers to these questions and many more:

  • How your content helps you be found by new prospects
  • If your audience already knows you, how your content helps them pick you over a competitor
  • How your content bridges that final step to a purchase, donation or other action
  • How to introduce your own content and purchase bias into your website
Auditing Your Website and Diagnosing Common Issues

Many websites fall prey to development maximalism: hot features, heavy images and code overload. A website that doesn’t work as intended will only take you so far with good content. We’ll look at common website issues and how to create a roadmap to prioritize fixes, including:

  • Slow homepage load times
  • Options for hosting images and media both on-site and off-site
  • Creating clear user journeys and decluttering the path to conversion
Expert Content Writing

Good website content displays expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. We’ll discuss who should write your web content, how to incorporate on-page SEO best practices without feeling clunky and how web copywriting differs from other traditional communications writing styles. You’ll learn how to:

  • Interview and record your SMEs so you can capture their unique insights without making them take time to write on their own
  • Use online tools to gather topic ideas and turn that into valuable content for your audience
  • Understand the major differences and functions between different types of copy for search
Planning for Updates

The danger of beginning the process of SEO is thinking that it is a once-and-done effort. This session will discuss how to plan for updates to your website, content and processes, including:

  • Measurement and data to understand if your tactics are working
  • Knowing when a Google update has the potential to impact your site directly, and when you should ignore the online chatter
  • How to create and manage content workflows to keep track of what has been updated (or not)