Presentation Handouts For: Y6CQ0CA

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Pre-Conference Workshops

Advanced visual storytelling:
How to script, shoot and share amazing videos
Jeffrey Eagle - password is Potter
Alejandra Owens 
AARP Handout 

The future of storytelling: Fuel your content engine with social listening
Adam Hernandez 

Social media measurement:
Use data to drive better content marketing and employee advocacy
Amanda Todorovich
Kirsten Hamstra  

Day Two -Main Conference

The embrace: How to compete for digital relevance through pervasive storytelling and engagement
Brian Solis 

Next-level Facebook strategies
Craig M. Mullaney

The new science of Twitter: Trailblazing tactics to spike RTs and ROI
Stacey Miller

Video's "8-Second Rule":
How to evolve your social media strategy to reach Gen Z

Angela Fernandez

Speak with visual voice: Enhance your presence on Instagram
Ethan Arpi

Leverage LinkedIn:
Inside secrets of showcasing business and personal brands

Jill (Hirz) Jones
Dana Graves

Live-streamed panel: How brands can tell engaging stories via live video
Moderator: Cathy Hackl 
Ronald C. Pruett, Jr.
Shanda Maloney 
Joe Martin

What's after social media? Social commerce lessons of Uber and Airbnb
Jeremiah Owyang

Special note from out host, Facebook:

People increasingly expect to hear directly from business leaders, and we know that leaders are looking for ways to connect authentically with people.  With a daily engaged audience of more than a billion people, Facebook is an indispensable platform for business leaders to connect with all of their stakeholders – employees, customers, influencers, investors, local community members, and the general public.  Learn more about how business leaders like Doug McMillon at Walmart or Beth Comstock at GE are using Facebook and Instagram in this Business Influencers Guide.  For inquiries, reach out to