Protect your most vital investment—your employees

Keep your most valuable workers happy with a robust communications strategy.

Your employees represent a big investment.

You take time to train them and build their role within the organization, and your future success is staked to their success.

Still, they are unhappy; they gripe about being overworked and undervalued. They feel managers and executives take them for granted.

Positive work culture is essential; communicators can help.

How you talk to employees defines the office culture. From onboarding new employees to recognizing their outstanding accomplishments, communicators set the tone for expectations and standards in every organization.

Ragan’s Focused on Employees Virtual Summit is the perfect place to hone your organization’s message and ensure that your employees feel heard and appreciated from Day One. Experts from Ball Corporation, Medstar Medical and others will share insights on how to streamline a global merger, build a vital recognition program and bring your communications strategy into the 21st century.

With this three-hour session, you will learn how to:

  • Produce content that can serve all the needs of your employee communications department
  • Use social media, digital communications and media relations to reach employees who don’t yet have access to internal channels
  • Organically boost recognition language in peer and leader communication

Plus, you’ll get on-demand access to the recording after the Aug. 9 live event.

Your employees are a valuable asset in which you have invested time and training. Keep them focused and excited to work by cultivating a strong communications plan.

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