Quick quiz: Should you use ‘who’ or ‘whom’?

It’s as simple as whether the pronoun is a subject or an object, but certain sentence structures can lead to confusion. Here are five helpful examples.

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Compounds, such as whoever and whomever, follow these same rules. Choose the correct form to fill the blank in each sentence.

1. ______ did you choose to serve on your committee?

a) Who
b) Whom

2. Give the found money to ______ needs it.

a) whomever
b) whoever

3. The new department head ______ we met yesterday has already resigned.

a) whom
b) who

4. That man in the ball cap is, I believe, the one ______ took my purse.

a) whom
b) who

5. Anyone ______ has paid his dues may vote in the club’s election.

a) who
b) whom

Answers and explanations

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